Positive Thinking is For Sissies, Master Your Damn Emotions


Positive Thinking is For Sissies, Master Your Damn Emotions, is the first book in a series derived from Sensei Ron’s Mastery Boot Camp. It addresses the importance of emotional mastery and the core negative emotions that prevent us from living in the present and accessing our potential, not to mention our happiness.

There’s more to achieving success and fulfilment than mere positive thinking. Negative emotions like anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, or even numbness, are emotions that we can’t just “positive think” our way out of. As Sensei Ron puts it, “Positive thinking is for sissies, self-mastery is for warriors.” Furthermore, these negative energies interfere with our ability to attract and create the happy and successful life we really want.

If you find that you are ruled by negative emotions and want to learn how you can master them rather than having them master you, pick up your copy of this life changing book today!

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The Best You Can Sucks


The Best You Can Sucks, Five Reasons Why and What to Do about It, addresses the difference between your “best” and your potential. We are always doing the best we can but our best changes from day to day -- even hour to hour-- and is driven by our mood, ironically making our “best” an excuse for not truly doing our best.

But winning in life has nothing to do with our mood. Excellence is achieved by consistently tapping into our potential and striving to find out what we are really capable of, regardless of our mood. If you’re tired of always doing your “best” yet not getting the results in life you really want, pick up your copy of Sensei Ron’s eBook today!

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Authentic Confidence


Authentic Confidence is an MP3 recording by Sensei Ron that dissects what Confidence is all about and why it is crucial to success and an expanded life. In this recording, Sensei Ron will teach you about the 4 levels of Confidence and how you can develop yourself to reach the highest level: Authentic Confidence.

According to Ron, Confidence is a struggle between Doubt and Certainty with the core issue being Trust. Learn how to gain more self-trust and self-reliance and watch what happens when others sense your confidence and feel that they can rely on you because they trust you. Get your copy now!

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Settling into the Zone


Finding the Zone is an MP3 recording by Sensei Ron that will not only teach you what the Zone is, but how to settle into it so that you can be more present and effective.

Athletes have long referred to the Zone as that state of mind and body that allows them to play at their peak potential. Actors do their best work in the Zone because they are truly connected to the scene. Artists and writers create more easily and with more clarity when they are in the “flow.” And sales people sell more when they are truly present with a prospect.

The challenge has been that most people don’t know how the Zone or the “Flow” happens, they only know they love it when, on that rare occasion, they find themselves in it. Pick up your copy of Finding the Zone today and let Sensei Ron show you how to get in the Zone at will!

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