“Sensei” Ron Thomas is internationally recognized for his role in the iconic film, The Karate Kid. One of the original Cobra Kai bad guys, Ron gained a worldwide fan base for his portrayal of Bobby Brown, the “good” bad guy who reluctantly hurt Danial-san’s knee at the behest of the evil Sensei Kreese.

A professional actor since the age of eleven, Ron has numerous film and television credits to his name. In the Conan Sword and Sorcery Spectacular and the Miami Vice Action Spectacular at Universal Studios, Hollywood, Ron performed live to an international audience reaching tens-of-thousands over a 10-year span. It’s during this time that Ron was moved to serve others when, after conversations with thousands of fans from every corner of the globe, he started to realize just how many people are settling for mediocrity and are otherwise unsatisfied in their lives or careers.

After his Universal Studios run, Ron opened his first martial arts school in Los Angeles. As a Sensei, he found himself in a life-coaching role helping students overcome challenges and breakthrough personal obstacles standing in the way of their success both inside and outside of the dojo. All the while something remained in the back of his mind: There are countless people in the world who don’t have an appetite for learning self-defense but who are starving for the life-changing skills and principles that studying martial arts can provide. Skills like Focus, Discipline and Leadership; qualities like Confidence, Integrity and Honor; principles like Balance, Accountability and Commitment … these are all game changers! Yet, they are sadly deficient in the real world.

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Now, Sensei Ron Thomas has stepped out of the dojo and onto the stage to help reduce the deficit of excellence and change the game for his clients. More than just a shot in the arm for your organization, he delivers black belt strategies for kicking ass in the real world, mixed with ancient wisdom that will elevate your people’s performance and enrich their lives. He creates custom presentations to meet the specific needs of each client. His keynote fee is $11,000 plus travel expenses for U.S. appearances and 18,000 plus travel expenses for international appearances outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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The Black Belt Mindset
We can be a “Black Belt” in ANY Game, but not without a Black Belt Mindset! Mindset is the ultimate Game Changer!

Sensei Ron will always work to achieve the goals of his clients by customizing and tweaking presentations to meet an organization’s specific needs. That said, these are his core topics…

How to Kick Ass in a Bad Ass World
Full Contact Life Skills that Make You Unstoppable

The Warrior’s Edge
Mental Ju-Jitsu for Leverage against Life

Black Belt Leadership
Leadership Mastery that Produces Champions

Wellness for Warriors
Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit for Impeccable Results

What They're Saying...

“Sensei Ron is awesome! From Florida to San Fransisco to Los Angeles, our clients rave about him long after our events have ended.”
- John Novac, CEO, Showball Baseball Camps

“Our students adore him. One or our favorite and most requested speakers and trainers. Ron is unbelievably inspiring!”
- Cheri Tree, Quattro University co-founder and creator of B.A.N.K.

“Wow! Sensei Ron delivered brilliant insights and truly inspired our team in ways we’ve never experienced before. Companies across America should hire him!”
- Stacy Moskowitz, Sales and Broker Relations, Kaiser Permanente

“If you want to be a champion in whatever you are pursuing in life, Sensei Ron has the blueprint and he hands it over to you!”
- Dave Noles, Entrepreneur

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