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Sensei Ron is one of our favorite instructors! His seminars are life changing!

- Cheri Tree, CEO of Quattro University for Enlightened Entrepreneurs

Sensei Ron’s seminars are best known for one thing: Personal Transformation. His training on advanced strategies for high performance and personal empowerment has helped thousands of people to shift their mindset and thereby make meaningful and significant improvements in their personal and professional lives.

Sensei Ron builds custom seminars and breakout sessions that are tailor made for his clients. He will design the content to fit the specific needs of your organization and deliver an up close, full-contact experience to your people that is guaranteed to knock them out!

Although Ron will customize his content specifically for your organization, he has popular seminars in place that have been highly rated by previous attendees. A few notable ones are:

A Black Belt in Sales
Focus on increased sales and retention through enhanced relationships, building trust and rapport, unconscious communication and understanding personality traits

The Black Belt Athlete
Focus on enhanced sports performance through proper mindset, focus, discipline, emotional management, awareness training, beliefs, nutrition and creating the flow state (the Zone)

Seminar 2

Harmonic Integration
Focus on Total Wellness and Wholeness by uncovering and resolving inner conflicts and unconscious self-sabotage, aligning with a higher purpose, integration of the true self and working with Universal Principles

Living the Law of Attraction
Focus on living the Law of Attraction through daily application of Universal Principles and reversing negative patterns that cause the attraction of what we don’t want

The Best Year Ever
Focus on creating the best year ever through intention, momentum, proper use of time, focus, playing life in the Zone, accessing your potential and letting go of what’s holding you back

To inquire about hiring Sensei Ron to deliver a powerful seminar for your organization, submit the information request on this page or leave a detailed message with dates and information about your event by calling 1-888-633-6103

What Others Are Saying…

“Sensei Ron is engaging, insightful and inspirational! The most valuable three hours our agents have had this year!”
- Brian Troop, President of Troop Real Estate

“The word that comes to mind is ‘Surprising.’ Ron not only opened our team’s eyes but also the doorway to true teamwork and better communication. Outstanding!”
– Suzanne Jester, Director at Kaiser Permanente

“Sensei Ron Delivers! He gives athletes the information and the tools they need to take their game to the next level. Real mental strategies are not only hard to find but too often ignored in the sports world, particularly in the world of the younger athlete. Ron reminds us all about the importance mindset plays in winning, not only at baseball but in life.”
– John Novac, President of Showball Baseball

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