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If you want to be a champion in whatever you are pursuing in life, Sensei Ron has the blueprint and he hands it over to you!
– Dave Noles, Entrepreneur

The Mastery Boot Camp, PIVOT and The Mindset Academy for Athletes, are revolutionary training processes designed by leading transformation coach, Sensei Ron Thomas. These cutting-edge coaching methodologies have helped hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs and athletes from around the world to move beyond their limitations and achieve immensely impactful results both personally and professionally.

There are many games we play in life… The parenting game, the health and fitness game, the relationship game, the business game, the athletic game, the communication game, the money game and so on. Whatever the game, Sensei Ron’s fundamental message is: Mindset is everything! It’s the key difference between winning and losing.

The factors that produce a “winning mindset” or a “losing mindset” are many and the behaviors generated from either will inevitably produce corresponding results. Sensei Ron’s programs take his students on a deep dive, going well below the surface to uncover hidden treasures that, when applied to any game in life, give them the winning edge.

The Mastery Boot Camp
90-Day intrapersonal training covering 4 modules: Emotional Mastery, Inner Mastery, Mental Mastery and Self Mastery. Some of the topics covered are: Confidence, Self-Esteem, Doubt, Fear, Worry, Needs, Patterns, Focus, Self-Discipline, Goals and Intentions, Limiting Beliefs, Purpose, Identity and much more!

PIVOT, 360-degree empowerment training for entrepreneurs
90-Day conscious business mastery training built on 4 pillars: Clarity, Vision, Focus and Results. Some of the topics covered are: Mindfulness, Mind Dumping, Personality Traits, Building Trust and Rapport, Core Values, Higher Intentions, Blood Sugar, our relationship with Time, Confidence, Motivation, Accountability, Unconscious Communication, Realizing Goals, Expansion and much more!

The Mindset Academy for Athletes, peak mental training for competitors who want to win
90-Day mindset development and focus training for the competitive athlete built around 4 set points: Focus, Mindfulness, High-Performance and Execution. Some of the topics covered are: Doubt, Fear, Self-Talk, Belief, The Zone, Goals, Diet and Blood Sugar, Anger and Frustration, Kinesthetic Sensitivity, Confidence, Attitude and much more!

The Process
All three programs follow a similar structure that includes the following:

  • Limited to 16 students per team
  • Weekly live and interactive conference calls or webinars covering specific topics (1-1/2 to 2 hours)
  • Daily partner calls / Skype sessions (15 minutes)
  • Daily homework, exercises and/or practices
  • A Private Team Training Center on the internet
  • A one-on-one session with Sensei Ron

Private Coaching
Sensei Ron is available on a limited basis for one-to-one private coaching
To inquire about hiring Sensei Ron to coach your team, company, group or organization, or to inquire about private coaching, submit the information request on this page or leave a detailed message by calling 1-888-633-6103

What They’re Saying!

“I made a 390% improvement in my scoring handicap index, my weight dropped 18 pounds and not only did I achieve my goal for the GIR stats, the final week of Ron’s coaching I hit all 18 greens in regulation and shot a career low of 64! Ron is an awesome coach!”
– Garry Finneran, PGA Professional

“At the highest level of athletics – or life for that matter – Confidence, Focus and finding The Zone are challenges. There’s no one better equipped to help you meet those challenges than Sensei Ron!”
– Gabe Kapler, MLB Player and 2-time World Series Champion with the Boston Red Sox

“The knowledge he’s shared and his way of systematically building the content of his business coaching has been nothing less than highly professional and truly enlightening. My outlook on business has been radically shifted for the better. Thank you, Ron!”
– Dr. Jan C. Wulff, Doctor and Entrepreneur, Hamburg, Germany

“At the time I met Sensei Ron, I was suffering from depression, fear and many other negative feelings which unfortunately caused me to have severe headaches as well as causing a constant flare-up of my Fibromyalgia. The joint pain and lack of energy from my Fbromyalgia interfered with my life, but through working with Ron I have not had a Fibromyalgia pain since we began. I now get up in the morning with no pain and am pain free all day every day! Sensei Ron’s Coaching is not only amazing, it’s life-changing!”
– Roberta Edwards, Sales Professional

“Sensei Ron is one of the best life coaches on the planet!”
– Rob Levy, CEO at Galaxy Creations and National Sport Ju-Jitsu Champion

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