Sensei Ron Thomas is an internationally recognized actor, published author, motivational speaker and empowering life and mindset coach. He is the founder of the Mastery Boot Camp, PIVOT, and the Mindset Academy for Athletes. These are three highly successful and distinguishable programs designed to radically shift how students approach their life, business or sport. His goal is to put his students in the best position to win, no matter the game.

His background, extensive training and lifelong track record of achievement has uniquely positioned Sensei Ron as a Mindset and Focus Expert, and qualifies him as a leading authority in Human Potential and Personal Development. With advanced training in intrapersonal and performance related arenas such as Neuro-Linguistics, Clinical Hypnosis, Metaphysics, Competitive Athletics, Entertainment and Martial Arts, Sensei Ron has packaged a highly unique brand of content that is applicable to a wide variety of audiences. His expertise has helped thousands achieve both the personal and professional breakthroughs they’ve needed to take their game to the next level.

A competitive swimmer at age 3, Ron went on to achieve regional and national rankings. His competitive interests then turned to Golf where, at one point, he was a “scratch” golfer, making his play equivalent to that of a professional. As a boy, all things athletic seemed to draw his interest but along the way he was introduced to two of his true passions: Acting and martial arts. A co-star of the original, iconic film, The Karate Kid, Sensei Ron Thomas has successfully combined his acting talent and martial art abilities in a variety of roles in Hollywood.


For 10 years, Ron entertained tens of thousands of live audience members from all over the world at Universal Studios, Hollywood, by starring as “Young Conan” in the Conan Sword and Sorcery Spectacular, and as “Sonny Crockett” in the Miami Vice Action Spectacular. Some of his esteemed audience members included Diplomats, Political Figures and Celebrities from across the globe including Vice Presidents, the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol, Stephen Spielberg and countless others. He’s worked with many Hollywood heavyweights, including the Oscar winning director of Rocky, John Avildsen; actor and director, Bill Bixby; Academy Award nominee, Pat Morita; Academy Award winning actress, Nina Foch; the legendary producer, Jerry Weintraub; Emmy Award winning director of Friends, Michael Lembeck; and countless others, including the some of the best stunt men and women in the industry.

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Sensei Ron’s real-life martial art abilities rank him among the world’s best. His 30-year history of credits include: 2-time World Champion, 5-time International Self-defense Champion, 6th degree black-belt, United States Ju-Jitsu Team Trainer, Founder and Sensei of the World Class Training Centers in Los Angeles, National Rank Examiner for the United States Judo Association, and personal coach tor multiple national and world champions. Ron is known as one of the best demonstrators of martial arts in the world and he’s worked closely with some of the most elite in the field including Professor Toru Tanaka, Professor Wally Jay (once an instructor to Bruce Lee), Fumio Demura, Billy Blanks (Tae-Bo), Mark DeCascos (Hawaii 5-0), and the legendary Pat Johnson.

Teaching martial arts is, by default, teaching personal empowerment. But Sensei Ron wanted to expand his knowledge base in this area. He has advanced training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a Certified Master Practitioner. He graduated with Honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the nation’s most acclaimed College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Behavioral Studies. During his residency, Ron won the “Director’s Award” for professional achievement and received certifications in several related areas including Handwriting Analysis, Applied Kinesiology, Sports Hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy™. As a Transformation expert, Sensei Ron is a master at guiding people through personal breakthroughs and helping them reach their full potential.

Ron now enjoys taking the stage, not as an actor, but as a dynamic speaker and seminar leader. Companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Troop Real Estate and Aflac have hired Sensei Ron to work with their internal sales and account management teams to achieve a higher level of focus, teamwork and leadership. Professional Actors and Athletes hold him in high regard for helping take their performance to the next level and beyond through personal and group coaching. And, organizations like Showball Baseball and Quattro University for Enlightened Entrepreneurs have hired him to conduct mental training and personal development seminars.

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